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LEGO® 40320 Plants from Plants (RETIRED SET)

LEGO® 40320 Plants from Plants (RETIRED SET)

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There is also a pamphlet in the box with the following information in four languages: Congratulations, you ‘re one of the very lucky builders to receive a limited-edition exclusive box of the first big milestone in the LEGO Group’s journey to use sustainable materials in all our core products and packaging by 2030. These classic botanical LEGO elements are available for the first time in brilliant lime-green color, as well as our LEGO green, and are made from plastic which is produced using sugarcane. The elements are compatible with the first ever LEGO bricks made 60 years ago and are an example of our continued commitment to innovation while staying true to the quality, play experience and durability that is at the heart of the LEGO system. With these cool new elements, you can build your own Plantus Maximus and join our mission to protect the planet.

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