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Set# 9466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster (USED)

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Defeat the Crazy Scientist and his Monster at the laboratory! Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele have stumbled upon the Crazy Scientist's laboratory. As our heroes reach for the moonstone, the dastardly scientist zaps his ghoulish monster and brings him to life! Can they escape to their car or will the Crazy Scientist's Monster win the battle and imprison them in the laboratory? You decide! 

Known Issues:  Set does not contain Crazy Scientist and Frankenstein minfigures. Has instructiosn, but does not come with original box.

Used sets may be missing parts, be partial sets, or have color swapped pieces. Please ask if you have any concerns about a set before purchasing. They are sold AS-IS and can’t be returned or exchanged once they leave the premises.