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Series 13 - Classic King

Series 13 - Classic King

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We may be small now, but one day we shall be a legend!The Classic Kings kingdom is just getting started. He doesnt have much land or treasure yet, or even his own little village to rule, but hes already recruited fourteen brave and loyal knights, and by working together they have constructed a fine golden castle. It has battlements and a flag and a drawbridge and everything!Creating a brand-new kingdom isnt easy, but the Classic King is full of big ideas. He imagines that one day, the world will be full of castles and fortresses and inns and forests. There may even be horses for his knights to ridethough for right now, theyll have to build their own!

Used minifigures are checked for condition and correct parts. Please note as a used item, there may be mild wear. We try and ensure all cracked or broken pieces are replaced before selling the item. Please ask if you have any concerns about a minifigures before purchasing. They are sold AS-IS and can’t be returned or exchanged once they leave the premises.

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