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Series 18 - Cat Costume Girl

Series 18 - Cat Costume Girl

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“Me-yow! This party is purrr-fect!” The Cat Costume Girl just adores parties. She gets to climb on all of the furniture and make lots of new friends, and if she “accidentally” knocks something off of a table, nobody even gets mad. From her whiskers to her tail-tip, the Cat Costume Girl is having a great time at the 40th anniversary celebration of the modern LEGO® Minifigure. There are gift boxes to climb into, balloons to pounce on, and the Elephant Costume Girl even brought a mouse that she can chase. If things around here get any more exciting, she just might have to curl up in a sunbeam and take a nap!

Used minifigures are checked for condition and correct parts. Please note as a used item, there may be mild wear. We try and ensure all cracked or broken pieces are replaced before selling the item. Please ask if you have any concerns about a minifigures before purchasing. They are sold AS-IS and can’t be returned or exchanged once they leave the premises.

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